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Welfare and Wellbeing

Do you have a disability and need advice or information about your daily welfare and wellbeing?

Or are you a carer who’s responsible for organising life around disability barriers?

Having a disability, impairment, or long-term health issue comes with its own unique set of welfare and wellbeing challenges, so does caring for someone with a disability.

Whatever you need information or advice on, our Can Do team can support you in making informed decisions.

We’re here for you and the community.

Let us help.


‘One stop’ disability service for welfare and wellbeing

Our ‘One Stop’ disability service provides accessible information, advice and assistance to maximise entitlements and empower individuals to make informed decisions about their life.

We support people with disabilities, and carers, to live life as independently as they choose, and to improve their overall welfare and wellbeing, and quality of life. At Disability Can Do, we break down barriers together.

Our dedicated Can Do team of staff and volunteers provides this support across all areas of daily life, including:

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Health & Social Care

Information on your care and accommodation needs. Guidance and advice about care costs, financial issues, and Lasting Power of Attorney.

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Housing & Home Environment

Information on adapting your property, securing aids and equipment. Information and advice about social housing and maintaining your tenancy.

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Money & Welfare Benefits

Free benefit checks and help with applying for benefits.

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Social & Leisure Opportunities

Help with accessing local activity programmes, leisure activities and social opportunities.

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Travel & Transport

Information on all aspects of travel and transport including how to apply for a Blue Badge / bus pass, the Motability Scheme, and vehicle tax exemption.

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Practical Assistance

Support with accessing hands on practical assistance and securing the services of a local handyman.

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Independent Advocacy Support

Helping and supporting you to have your voice and choices heard, ensuring your rights are respected and that you are at the centre of any decisions about your life.


Are you disabled or elderly, live in the Caerphilly borough and struggle to get around?

We understand how important it is for your own welfare and wellbeing to be able to get to where you need to be and our team of volunteers can help.

The Disability Can Do volunteers provide a friendly and reliable transport service to support the local community (in Caerphilly area only), and are available for all your medical and/or well-being appointments.

This is a chargeable service, cost of journey will be advised at time of booking

Supporting your welfare and wellbeing needs

At Disability Can Do, we do everything possible to support the overall welfare and wellbeing of people with disabilities and their carers. In addition to providing people with valuable skills and opportunities, and advocacy for disability rights, we are here for anything else you need. Give the team a call to see how we can help.

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